Tour Guide, Lecturer


Licensed Tour-Guide, BA Jewish History (BIU), MA Archeology & Land of Israel Studies (BIU)


Licensed to guide in Hebrew/English/German; Expert in Biblical Geography and Botanics

Arie has many years of experience in guiding all over Israel and Jordan and is licensed to guide in Hebrew, English and German. He is also a licensed tour driver. In addition he guides groups to Poland, Italy and Prague and is an expert in Jewish studies. with a B.A in Jewish History and M.A Archeology & Land of Israel Studies (BIU)

Arie lectures in courses for teachers, educators and tour guides as well. his field of expertise is in connecting the Jewish sources to the land, whether it’s Geography, plants or history. Arie has over 25 years of experience in teaching inside and outside off a classroom, formal and informal education.

Arie is extremely knowledgeable about many topics that have to do with Jewish history & heritage whether it’s Bible or Sho’a (Holocaust), Zionism or medieval time, and is able to present it in a very approachable way