Every year as the days shorten and the weather cools down, for 8 days, Jerusalem is lit with thousands of Hanukkiyot and on every street corner you can find Sufganiyot!

It’s the time to gather together, sing the songs with the family and light candles while eating hot Latkes!

Another option is, of course, to do that after the tour.

The story of Hannuka is a fascinating period in Jewish history, how a small group of people achieve independence against all odds, this story lit up the spirits of generations.

We offer a walking tour through the streets of Jerusalem ,listening to the stories behind the different traditions and customs that have to do with Hanukka and seeing the beautiful sights that make Jerusalem so special at this time of the year.

Book your Hanukka tour of Jerusalem now!

(It’s recommended to dress warm)


Hanukah lighting in the Jewish quarter



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