Living in Jerusalem has taught me this city never stops surprising and coming up with new exciting things to do.

In this post I offer a short visit of the classic sites in Jerusalem, it’s great for a first time visitor but even if you’ve been here many times, you’ll find new stuff

We’ll start the visit to the old city at Jaffa gate, the main entrance to the city,  and continue along the walls of the old city towards ‘King David’s tomb’  and the site of the last supper,  continue from there through the quarters of the old city. During a 3-4 hour tour we will cover the ‘highlights’ of the old city and the Holy sites for the 3 monotheistic religions in Jerusalem. In this tour we will learn about the city of the Bible  and we’ll taste some of the ancient historical sites  together with the up to date storyof Jerusalem today.  Of course, if you have more time we can continue to a more in-depth view of the old city and Jerusalem in general.

The tour can focus on archeological and historical sites, religion or culture, art and geo-political situation in Jerusalem, depending on your interest

This is what we at #seeisraelyourway do the best

The cost for half a day  (up to 4.5 hour) walking tour is $230 USD

Archaeological tours

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