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We love Israel, We love it's people and we are passionate about it! Living in Israel with all of it's beauty and challenges has taught us to try and learn something new each time we look around us! We love traveling ourselves therefore we understand your needs as a traveler in Israel and we are happy to accommodate Israel your way! any place, any way, any how - we can help you get the best out of your visit!

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Extreme Activities

As part of our tours we also offer unusual experiences, whether in the air, water or underground Off road tours are a great way to see nature. Whether it’s self-driving or by experts, in the north of the country or the Judean hills, desert or green areas – there is always something new to see!

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Definitely one of my favorite ways to see Israel… from a bird’s view you get a whole new perspective of this land.

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Foodie tours

We love food,  and we love the Market place (shuk Mahane Yehuda). Together you get some of the best tastes the  market place (shuk) of Jerusalem has to offer! Accompanied by the stories behind the food and the atmosphere of the vibrant market – you get to experience the heart of modern Jerusalem      […]

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VIP tours

Our staff is experienced in guiding many important people, Heads of states during official visits (including Pope Francis), Celebrities, Business guests and more. We understand the need for expert guiding, in varying conditions with the highest standards around. Some of the best guides will take care of all your guests needs – from the pickup in […]

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Archeology and Bible tours

Walk around the Biblical landscape with the Bible in your hands! Imagine the stories that ignited the imagination of generations happening in front of your eyes! With a B.A. in Jewish history & Archaeology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem Asaf offers tours that focus on the archaeology and history in depth and their contemporary meaning. You […]

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Day trips

Day trips are available – from a few hours to full days in the the Old city of Jerusalem and the surroundings An example for half a day in the old city of Jerusalem: We’ll start the visit to the old city at Jaffa gate, the main entrance to the city and continue along the […]

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Individual trip planning

If it’s by donkey or camel, Atv or helicopter – We’ll help you design your trip to fit your needs, the best way possible

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Bar/Bat mitzvah & Family trips

Whether it’s your first time or your 10th, we can help you plan down to the finest details, to make this trip unforgettable! When we’re dealing with a family, we can adjust the itinerary to suit children of all ages..

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Our Tour Guides

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  • Our group of 16 enjoyed a day with Asaf Salomon on Nov. 9, 2017. Asaf worked in a team with a Palestinian guide to give my group a dual-narrative tour. Together they did an outstanding job. I would engage Asaf again for this very well presented tour. He knows what to say, speaks well, is reflective, presents well.

    Vicars H, Brights Grove, Canada. November 2017

  • Chanel India Cummings, Israel trip, January 2017

    In just a week I had the most incredible taste of Israel. From the most historical places to most amazing foods. One of the key factors that made the trip so memorable was our incrediable tour guide Asaf. We were a group of about 20 New Yorkers, which is a handful, but Asaf was able to keep us moving and keep us close to schedule. Even though we were running place to place and trying to get pictures of everything, it didnt feel much like we were tourist at all. It felt more like visting a friends home. Asaf is so knowledgeable and provides so much insight about Israel while still presenting the many perceptions of the people that live in Israel. My group was also able to particpate in Shabbat and we spent time with Asaf and his beautiful family. This trip had excceed all of my expectations and I know that a huge part of that is because of Asaf’s professionalism and passion for his job. Thanks again for making my introduaction to Israel an unforgettable one.

    Chanel India Cummings, Israel trip, January 2017

  • Asaf is wonderful. His knowledge and love of history made our trip great. He is also an excellent story teller. Our trip with our two sons was fantastic

    Chloe Edwards Bird, family trip, June 2016

  • Asaf was an amazing guide!

    My kids were engaged every step of the way. He explained the history in a way that was easy to understand and relate to for all of us. Asaf made the Old City of Jerusalem come alive and it was a truly memorable experience for us all.

    Shari, Family trip, December 2016

    Shari Perl-Middeldorf, Family trip, December 2016

  • Robert & Jennifer, Israel and Jordan trip, October 2016

    Wow! Wow! Wow! What an amazing trip we had to Israel and Jordan, and we have to give a lot of thanks to Asaf for that. We have been fortunate to have traveled to many countries around the world and to have enjoyed the company of many guides to help show us the way, but none have been as good as Asaf. Not one. He is head and shoulders above all of our guides we have had. We spent a lot of time with him, 6 days, from early morning till evening each day, and still wanted to spend more time with him and pick his uber knowledgeable brain. He is very well informed about the history, politics and religions in the area, and even has a deep understanding of the archaeology in the region. Asaf was clear in his communications, he was timely in everything he did for us – he basically made all of our travel arrangements and everything went according to plan. Even more importantly, he is simply a great guy, has a calm personality and is fun to be with. He solely made our trip a huge success, bringing the complicated nature of the area into clearer focus with his interesting stories and perspectives. We peppered him with questions, both professional and personal ones – trying to get a better feel for such a complicated part of the world, and he patiently and gamely answered each one. We recommend him highly and without any reservations. You will not regret contacting him if you need help in Israel. He will make your experience informative, educational and Asaf created memories of a lifetime for both me and my husband


    Robert & Jennifer, Israel and Jordan trip, October 2016

  • Asaf is an amazing tour guide! He has a great depth of knowledge and passion for the Land of Israel is incomparable and his ability to pass it on to others is hard to come by. Some guides speak too much and some too little, but Asaf gives just enough. Has a good sense of humor and knows how to keep talks interesting and engaging. Would definitely like to be guided by Asaf in the future!

    Mendel Kamish

    Birthright Trip, July 2015
  • Asaf guided our tour so expertly that we decided to hire him privately for the couple of extra days we spent in Israel. His knowledge is virtually encyclopedic, but he also has a gifted approach to connecting the religious history to the archeology and the modern day geopolitical realities. And he does so in a way that provokes thought and questions and left us gasping for more.

    Bob Schwartz, October 2015

  • Sheri Ross Hustana

    If you want to see Israel in the best way possible, you will have Asaf be your tour guide.

    We spent close to two weeks with him – the first week he toured us with a small group of friends, and the second week he toured just me and husband. This was our first time to Israel – and I don’t think we could have possibly gotten more out of our time there. Asaf started out by helping us CREATE our trip via email. He suggested places to stay (and helped to get us good rates) and he helped to create our itinerary so that we would see as much as possible during the time he was with us. The first week we were with a small group of friends, some of whom had been to Israel several times. Asaf was able to tailor our tours so that everyone learned, had fun, and experienced new things. Our time with him the second week was very special. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the history of Israel and the Middle East, and he is equally knowledgeable about the situation today. He is fascinating to listen to, and even our lunches and dinners together were a treat because there was always so much to talk about. Seeing Israel through the eyes of an experienced, personable, passionate Israeli is the only way to go – and Asaf is every one of those things. We have recommended him to friends, and they have thanked us over and over. Because of Asaf, we have memories of Israel that will last us a lifetime . . . although we are hoping to get there again one day. We know Asaf has so much more to show us! He is truly one of a kind and we would give him a HUNDRED STAR rating if we could!

    Sheri Ross Hustana

    Sheri Ross Hustana - Israel tour, October 2014
  • Kessler

    This was my third organized trip to Israel and even going back to places I’ve been to many times before, I still learned something new and got to see it in a new light. Asaf is INCREDIBLE. He is literally the best tour guide I’ve ever had. He knows all of the history and all of the stories: whether it’s about the government, the land, the art, the architecture, the people, you name it: he’s educated in it. Even on long, hot, exhausting days in the middle of summer he made it fun to learn and explore Israel. He is clever, smart, funny, outgoing, silly, kind, and (for lack of better words): bad ass!!! I honestly cannot express how amazing he is in words, just trust me: if you need a guide who will get you excited to wake up early every morning and discover everything Israel has to offer, Asaf is YOUR GUY!!!!


    Kessler - Birthright trip, Summer 2015
  • I can’t say enough good things about Asaf. After he was highly recommended by friends, I e-mailed him and he replied immediately. Through the course of a number of e-mails and phone calls back and forth, he gave us many suggestions and we worked out a wonderful itinerary. He took us to a number of places I’m sure we would have never found or gone to on our own. He is very personable, knowledgeable, and articulate. We absolutely enjoyed every minute we spent with Asaf.

    I can’t imagine a better tour guide in Israel than Asaf.

    Dave Komel

    Family trip, December 2014

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