We love food,  and we love the Market place (shuk Mahane Yehuda). Together you get some of the best tastes the  market place (shuk) of Jerusalem has to offer! Accompanied by the stories behind the food and the atmosphere of the vibrant market – you get to experience the heart of modern Jerusalem

 shuk tour           shuk tour 1

A tour of the market is 1.5-2.5 hours and includes tasting of between 6 – 12 different types of food. It could be a tour on its own or as part of a day in Jerusalem. It could be joined by a tour of the nearby neighborhoods of downtown Jerusalem and the ultra orthodox neighborhoods of M’ea Sh’earim.

It could be enhanced with an Israeli cooking workshop based on shopping in the market and/or a meal in one of the many excellent Jerusalemite restaurants

Contact us for more details and personalizing of this tour.  

Graffiti/ street art in Jerusalem’s market

wine tasting
field cooking