guiding in jerusalem

Walk around the Biblical landscape with the Bible in your hands!

Imagine the stories that ignited the imagination of generations happening in front of your eyes!

With a B.A. in Jewish history & Archaeology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem Asaf offers tours that focus on the archaeology and history in depth and their contemporary meaning.

You can be sure to get the most up to date information in a fun and approachable manner.


See Israel Your Way offers in-depth tours focusing on archaeology & history of different sites. weather it’s the Western wall tunnels or the City of David, from Caesarea to Masada (the movie), Tel DanTel Azeka to First man caves in the carmel and Crusader halls in Akko.

From Prehistory through the first temple period until 1700 , in Israel you meet a lot of stones. we let each stone tell it’s story – when and why it was laid down, who put it here and why… History comes to life!!