Arie has many years of experience in guiding all over Israel and Jordan and is licensed to guide in Hebrew, English and German. He is also a licensed tour driver. In addition he guides groups to Poland, Italy and Prague and is an expert in Jewish studies. with a B.A in Jewish History and M.A Archeology & […]


Asaf Salomon, an Israeli, born and raised, certified Tour guide who grew up just outside of Jerusalem and developed a love of the land of Israel from an early age. After studying in yeshiva and serving as a commander in a combat unit in the IDF he was certified by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism as […]


Yishai is an Israeli certified Tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism. Yishai grew up in the Judean hills, where he was enrooted with the land of Israel and it’s beautiful landscape, where the stories of the Bible come to life. Yishai has a BA in education and an MA in Educational Management and is truly a […]